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Occasions of Could 12th

People over 65 from the region of Prishtina are vaccinated. (Hall “October 1” Prishtina, time 08: 00-19: 30)

The Committee on Public Administration reviews the Annual Report of the Independent Media Committee, for 2020. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-10, time 10:00)

The Budget Committee discusses the recommendations of the EU Progress Report on budget, finances and transfers. (Assembly of Kosovo, room C-203, time 10:00)

The Oversight Committee of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency holds an introductory meeting of the Commission with Petrit Ajeti, director of the KIA. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-302, time 10:00)

LDK Department of Economy and Business holds a press conference. (LDK headquarters, time 10:00)

The Kosovo Judicial Council holds its next meeting. (Zoom Platform, time 10:00)

Consultative meeting of the Subcommittee on Agriculture and Fisheries (NK AGRI) with civil society organizations in Kosovo is held. (Zoom Platform, time 10:00)

GERMIN organizes the round table on “Voting from abroad”. (Hotel “Sirius”, second floor, hall “Ariga”, Prishtina, time 10:00)

The Ministry of Economy in cooperation with the EU Office in Kosovo and the EU-funded project “ICT for Kosovo’s Growth”, organizes the B2B event (meetings between cross-cutting businesses). (Innovation and Training Park – Prizren, time 11:00.

Mufti NaimTërnava gives the message on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. (Headquarters of the Presidency of BIRK, Prishtina. (Time 11:00)

The Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo presents the publication “Platform for the recovery of education in Kosovo”. (Academy Hall, Prishtina, time 11:00)

Artmotion holds a press conference on the exclusive broadcasting rights of La Liga, the Copa di Italia and Wimbledon. (Klan Kosova, time 11:00)

The Committee on Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons and Petitions reviews the draft-decision of the People’s Advocate regarding the election of 5 deputies of the People’s Advocate. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-303, time 13:00)

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