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Occasions of December 29th

The Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals holds a conference to present the achievements and developments of the work for 2021. (ICMM meeting room, time 08:30)

The KJC holds its next meeting. (KJC, time 09:00)

Commission for Human Rights meeting with representatives of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, regarding the follow-up and justification of cases of gender-based violence and domestic violence. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-302, time 10:00)

Deputy Minister of Environment Hysen Durmishi holds a press conference. (Bus station, Driver’s License Center, Prishtina, time 10:30)

Continuation of the plenary session of the Assembly of Kosovo. (Assembly of Kosovo, time 11:00)

TAK General Director Ilir Murtezaj holds a press conference. The Minister of Finance Hekuran Murati also participates. (Conference room, first floor, TAK headquarters, time 14:00)

The Minister of Defense, Armend Mehaj, organizes receptions for media representatives. (Ministry of Defense, time 14:30)

The President of FFK Agim Ademi together with the group of fans “Dardanët”, for the end of the year holidays will distribute gifts and T-shirts of the National Team for children:

10:00 – Visit to SOS Village of Prishtina
11:00 – Visit to the HANDIKOS Association
12:00 – Visit to the Down Syndrome Association Kosovo

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