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Official: Agim Maliqi, Munish assistant at SC Gjilan – Latest News

Official: Agim Maliqi, Munish's assistant at SC Gjilan

March 13, 2021 – 19:00

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As usual, Agim Maliqi will be part of Ismet Munish’s staff at SC Gjilan, writes Zeri.info.

Ismet Munishi today during the day was introduced as the new coach of the Gjilan team, after the departure of Bylbyl Sokoli.

SC Gjilan has announced that Agim Maliqi will be part of the Munish staff, in the role of assistant.

“Ismet Munishi today joined our team, where he was entrusted with the post of head coach of the team.

In the staff of the head coach Ismet Munishi, which includes Alban Hyseni and the goalkeeping coach Enver Sermaxhaj, today also joined the assistant coach Agim Maliqi, where he will complete the part of the assistants of the new head coach in our team.

Maliqi will take the place of the current assistant Granit Dervisholli, whom the team thanks for his work as part of the staff of our former coach, Bylbyl Sokoli.

We recall that Agim Maliqi was also part of the staff of coach Ismet Munishi, as he was part of the team from Suhareka, KF Balkan.

The club welcomes Maliqi and wishes him continued success together with our team “- it is said in the announcement of the club from Gjilan. /Zeri.info

Agim Maliqi part of the staff of coach Ismet Munishi Gjilan, 13 March 2021-Ismet Munishi today joined the team …

Posted by SC Gjilani on Saturday, 13 March 2021

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