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Opening new businesses in the pandemic, the struggle for survival – Latest News

Opening new businesses in the pandemic, the struggle for survival

In the last year in Kosovo, during the pandemic, about 12,000 new businesses have been opened. According to the data of the Business Registration Agency (ARB), during the period March 2020-March 2021, more than 11,500 businesses were opened, 1,500 more than in 2019, when there were no coronavirus pandemics in Kosovo.

The sectors with the largest number of registered businesses are wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles.

The number of businesses closed is about 1,505.

But, Agim Shahini, president of the Kosovo Business Alliance, emphasizes that the number of closed businesses is 20,000, but that the persons have not completed the legal procedures for closure.

He says that the reason for the growing trend of business opening in the pandemic period, is the large number of citizens who have lost their jobs. And in the absence of assistance from state institutions, unemployed citizens, in some cases, have found the opening of a small commercial business as an alternative.

“Because on average in Kosovo within a year 2,000 businesses are closed and 8,000 businesses are opened. The trend of opening new businesses during this period is a phenomenon that rarely happens in Kosovo “, said Shahini for Radio Free Europe.

Anita Korça, a mother of two, opened a clothing store in Prishtina in September last year. Due to the pandemic, it shows that it works alone in the bar until the situation in the country improves, consequently the improvement of the daily circulation occurs. She also mentions other challenges posed by the pandemic in the newly opened business.

“It is difficult because we still can not freely invite customers to come to the bar, because most of the time we work through social networks, online sales. We have taken all protective measures, but there is still a dose of fear to invite customers “, emphasizes Korça.

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