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Osmani: Nobody should call Thaçi “American greyhound” – Latest News

Osmani: No one should call Thaçi

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, in a recent interview for the prestigious German “Der Spiegel”, said that no one should call former President Hashim Thaçi “a greyhound of the Americans”, despite the political differences they have had.

Speaking about the situation in Kosovo, “Der Spiegel” asked Osmani if ​​the time has come for Kosovo to be emancipated from the US, at a time when President Thaçi, often portrayed as a greyhound on the lap of the Americans, is in prison in The Hague . ”

In response, Osmani said that no one should call Thaçi such, while adding that relations with the US do not depend on political personnel.

“Despite all the political differences we may have had with Thaci, no one should call him an ‘American greyhound.’ Thaçi has been prime minister and president in historical times. As for relations with the US: they do not depend on political leadership personnel. They are a special bond that holds us together. “We do not forget the role of the Americans in Kosovo in the 90s,” she said. / Telegraph

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