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Over 6 hours of waiting in Merdar to leave Kosovo – Latest News

Over 6 hours of waiting in Merdar to leave Kosovo

Compatriots are facing long waits to leave Kosovo.

According to the latest update from the Center for Border Management, the waiting time at the border crossing in Medara is over six hours, this has caused the convoys of vehicles at this point to go up to 3500 meters.

The long waits of the emigrants to return to their countries after the holidays in Kosovo, there are also at the border crossing point in Jarinje, where the waits are up to 3 hours.

Also at the border crossing at Dheu i Bardhë, the waits are long to leave Kosovo, where compatriots have to wait up to 3 hours, while to enter up to 20 minutes.

Even at the border crossing in Mutivoda, there are long waits where the waiting time to leave this point is up to one hour and 40 minutes.

As for other border points, no more than 50 minutes are expected at the exit. / Voice

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