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Pandemic, ‘luck in misfortune’ for some fathers – Latest News

Pandemic, 'luck in misfortune' for some fathersRail photos

Labinot Rexhepi, during the pandemic, realized how much love children can offer their parents.

“Eight hours or ten hours a day, we have always been out of the house and I have not noticed all the love that children know to offer their parents,” Labinoti told Radio Free Europe.

Labinot is the father of two children, five-year-old Reis and one-year-old Reas.

The gastronomy worker, in the time before COVID-19, was many hours away from home. Long hours at work and fatigue had made him not enjoy parenting properly. But, things changed in March 2020.

For Labinot this was the first time he would stay home 24 hours with his child and wife, Marigona.

They became parents for the second time on March 24, 2020. He describes that period as very stressful because he could not be near his wife and daughter in the hospital, but at the same time he experienced something that in four years as a father he had never experienced – stayed alone with the boy.

“It was the best experience of my life, because it fell to the boy for the first time to stay with me. “About 72 hours, three nights.”

These three days of staying with his son makes him reflect on the time he has lost without him, so when Marigona and Rea came home, he made sure he would be closer to them.

“Five years ago, when Reisi was born, the situation was normal. I remember I had four or five days off after Marigona was born. “It was not like the second time.”

From that moment on, the division of household chores and child care began. Marigona took care of the newborn girl, and the care for Reis would be completely under his care.

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