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“Paradise of Prishtina” favorite place for the weekend

Gërmia National Park in the capital continues to be a favorite place of many citizens to spend a weekend.

In addition to the amazing view that this Gërmia has during the summer, today hundreds of citizens have come out to see the beauty that it gives to this part of Prishtina, snow which is almost melted.

Despite the pleasures that all that is seen in Gërmi gives, that there is still a need for investments in infrastructure, as some walking trails there are unpaved.

The park has an area of ​​1126 hectares and is a nature protected area, declared since 1987, which is said to be visited by about 1 million visitors a year.

Over 75% of the area of ​​Germia Park is covered with well-preserved forests with communities of birch, oak, oak and beech. An important part of the protected area includes the area for recreation and rest, in which there are meadows, as well as the built infrastructure.

In addition to the pool which has very good conditions, there are also football and basketball fields. There is also a toy corner and various restaurants, but there is also an information board that shows the space and everything that is in this park.

The mountain massif of Gërmia is quite rich in terms of floristics, vegetation and fauna. From the research so far, 610 species of vascular flora have been collected in 82 families and 83 species of fungi, not counting the taxa of weeds, rudders and other low plants. Of these 5 species are endemic and 12 species are medical.

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