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Serbia is ending the {qualifications} for the European Championship in opposition to Switzerland

Half time: Serbia – Switzerland 39:41

In the finish of the second section, Serbia loses and leaves the advantage to the Swiss – 39:41.

The most efficient among the “eagles” are Petrushev with 14 and Andjusic with 10 points.

In the ranks of Switzerland, Mladjan has 9 points, and Kazadi and Kotur have 8 points each.

17 ‘- Serbia leads 34:32

The “Eagles” led with 26:21, followed by a Swiss attack, and then with a series of points by Filip Petrushev, Serbia regained the lead – 34:32.

End of the first quarter: Serbia – Switzerland 21:21

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6 ‘- Switzerland has a slight advantage

The Swiss opened the match better and lead with 17-13, Serbia is looking for an attacking rhythm …

The match has started

Starters for Serbia are: Rebić, Avramović, Andjušić, Petrušev and Raduljica

Kotur, Duba, Kazadi, Kovac and Jurkovic start the match for Switzerland

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