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Peker releases ninth video: Erdogan invests in Serbia, forgets Serb crimes against Muslims in Balkans – Latest News

Peker publishes ninth video: Erdogan invests in Serbia, forgets Serb crimes against Muslims in Balkans

June 07, 2021 – 23:51

Sedat Peker, the main man of the Turkish mafia, is continuing to publish videos as he talks about the involvement of people in power in various crimes.

The man of the moment that is shaking Turkey, Peker has also published the ninth video, which has been viewed about ten million times on YouTube in 24 hours.

In the new video, the 49-year-old claims that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is using religion for populism, giving some examples with Palestine and the Balkan states.

Peker shows how the Turkish state’s major investments are in countries that have committed crimes against Muslims, as in the case of Serbia while his public speeches are as if he were the leader of the Islamic world.

“I have visited the Balkan countries from village to village. People in Muslim countries are telling me, ‘How is it possible that you have stopped all aid and investment for us while sending them to the state that raped and massacred us, Serbia?’ “The Balkan states are no longer considered the leaders of the ummah (Muslims). It has also lost faith in the Arabs,” he said.

We emphasize that the accusations that Peker has made against Erdogan’s allies, including a former prime minister, Binal Yildirim, senior officials and their relatives, range from corruption and drug trafficking to rapes and assassinations, the Telegraph reports.

Otherwise, the Turkish mafia that is currently in Dubai also talked about the time he stayed in Kosovo and his deportation to Albania from where he went to Morocco.


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