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Përparim Rama says that he will win Prishtina without a runoff

The candidate of the Democratic League of Kosovo for mayor of Pristina, Përparim Rama, has stated that he will win the race for Pristina without a runoff.

Rama stated that according to the polls, LDK is going towards growth in Prishtina.

“I really believe, because the numbers show that, the trend is on the rise, on a strong rise, and I believe that yes, we will win it without a runoff.

Because the work we are doing is so that we can win it without a runoff, not maybe from the aspect of ego, or where I know, but really Prishtina does not have time to lose, we have to deal with the problems of the city, the citizens, to we change our lives for the better, and the more we waste time, the worse for the citizen of Prishtina “, declared Rama.

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