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“Plisat” have collected about 8 thousand signatures so far in the petition for the placement of the statue of Adem Jashari in Pristina – Latest News

July 21, 2021 – 10:52

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Plisat fans have opened a petition through which they are seeking the placement in Pristina, of the statue of the legendary Commander, Adem Jashari.

The leader of this fan group, Kushtrim Ramadani, for the show Ora 7 in Klan Kosova spoke about the progress of this petition.

According to Ramadan, such a statue has been missing for 22 years, until it was promised in 2019.

“We have a dream that in the future Kosovo and Albania become together in one nation and one state. Adem Jashari has been missing from Prishtina for 22 years now. The decision to place the statue of Adem Jashari in Prishtina is from November 11, 2019 and as long as there is no statue of Adem Jashari, it has not been done yet “, he said.

According to the leader of this group, the process of signing petitions is going well, even though they are located only at one point, near “Skënderbeu” square. While clarifying that they will stay there until July 31st.

The Jashari family has proposed that the statue of the hero Adem Jashari be placed near the Government building, while the municipality has proposed that the square “Adem Jashari” be placed near the triangle.

There have been great discussions for the establishment of this september, while Plisat have made three proposals.

“As Plisa, we made a request that the triangle be moved to me and after the relocation, the statue of Adem Jashari be placed there, but there is no possibility to demolish the triangle as it is protected by law. Our second proposal was in front of New Born to the Heroines and the third option in front of the Cathedral on the underground parking lot and was called “Adem Jashari” square.

Plisas have so far collected 8,000 signatures while 10,000 are required before this petition is submitted to the government.

“We are about 8 thousand at the moment but by 31 we have reached more than 10 thousand. “Because the interest of citizens, especially compatriots, is very great.”

Plisat hopes that the statue of the Legendary Commander Adem Jashari, will be placed on November 28, a date which coincides with his birthday.

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