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Police arrest Besim Hajdari, who was considered high risk, was in a motel with a minor – Latest News

Police arrest Besim Hajdari who was considered high risk, was in a motel with a minor

Kosovo Police has arrested today a person suspected of high risk.

It is about Besim Hajdari, known by the nickname “Ciprra”, who was looking for a long time.

Klan Kosova finds out that during the arrest he was in one of the villas of a motel, located on the road Podujevë-Merdarë, with a 17-year-old minor who is believed to have been there against her will.

Hajdari, who has been declared wanted by the police, has been suspected of many criminal offenses, including “Attempted Murder”, “Slaughter” and “Threat”.

The clan also learned that Hajdari after the arrest was sent for medical treatment after he was injured while trying to escape from the bathroom window of the villa where he was. However his attempt to escape failed after he was apprehended by police.

The owner of the motel told the television that he was not aware that Besim Hajdari was staying in one of the villas of this business and that there was no information about his activity. He also stated that he had no information that a client of his business had been accompanied by a minor against her will.

Police have so far only confirmed the arrest of a person who is considered high risk and who has been wanted.

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