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Gërvalla says he saw Viti’s signing with “Pfizer” – Latest News

Gërvalla says he saw Viti's signing with

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Donika Gërvalla reacted after the news that it was said that the Minister of Health, Arben Vitia has not signed a contract for the provision of Pfizer and BionTech vaccines.

Gërvalla said that there is nothing real in today’s accusations that were addressed to Viti, while he emphasized that he was a witness of the signing of the contract between the minister and the Pfizer company.

“There is absolutely nothing real in today’s accusations against Minister Vitia, that allegedly he did not sign a certain contract and in this way he endangered the arrival of a certain contingent of vaccines. I am a witness of the signature of Minister Vitia where this signature should have been placed “, she said.

She also assured the citizens that Minister Vitia has taken all steps not to miss a single vaccine for the citizens of the country.

“I assure you that the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and above all its Minister of Health Arben Vitia have taken all necessary steps and have met all formal conditions to not lose even a single vaccine for the citizens of the Republic. On the contrary, we have eliminated all the delays and obstacles of our careless ancestors and in this aspect we are in step with all our neighbors “, said Gërvalla.

Meanwhile, the chief diplomat said that not a single line from today’s publications is true.

“Let me assure you with full responsibility, as involved in all vaccine security processes, that not a single line from today’s publications is true. The Ministry of Health has not risked a single deadline and together we will see in the coming days the result of colossal efforts to provide vaccines to all citizens of the Republic. The mentioned speculations are simply untrue “, said Gërvalla further./Zëri

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