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Police in Peja find a wallet with money, return it to the owner – Latest News

The police in Peja find a wallet with money, they return it to the owner

Two police officers on Monday found a wallet with money and documents in Peja.

Police have announced that on Monday at 13:20, on the street “KLA” in Peja, during their official duty, patrolling two police officers, they found a wallet in which they were: a German driver’s license, 535 euros, 1.45 euros metal, five US dollars, personal documents and bank cards, reports Zeri.info.

“After the necessary verifications by the Police, the owner was identified and he was invited to the Police Station in Peja, which received the wallet, money, bank cards, driver’s license and other documents and thanked the Police for this good gesture “, it is said in the notification of the police, adding that this case is an example of further cooperation of all citizens with the Kosovo Police. /voice

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