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PSD activists quickly disrupted the Trendafilova convention

Two activists of the Social Democratic Party have entered the conference of the President of the Special Court, Ekatarina Trendafilova with whistles opposing the work of this court and saying that they can not allow themselves to report in silence.

Trendafilova reacted by saying she did not understand what the two activists were asking for.

“I am sorry that I understood what this guy said, I believe he wanted to ask questions, but it is good that someone translates for us. “You are approaching this meeting emotionally, but if we are calm to continue, then you can ask questions”, said Trendafilova.

Otherwise, Trendafilova and administrator Fidelma Donlon today are staying for a visit to Pristina, where they will talk about the mandate, work and recent developments in the Specialized Chambers of Kosovo (DHSK).

The President of the Specialized Chambers of Kosovo, Ekaterina Trendafilova is expected to visit North Mitrovica.

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