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RAIN AND THUNDER ARRIVING! Right here is what sort of climate awaits us for Might 1 and Easter, but additionally in the course of the subsequent month!

We can only hope for a real spring in a month and a half, and a slight rise in temperature was announced at the beginning of next week. Unfortunately, everyone who planned to make a barbecue in nature for May 1 and Easter, it would be good to give up now, because rain has been announced for that period. It will be rainy in the first days of May as well.

According to the long-term forecast, there will be no big temperature jumps or drops in the first 17 days of May, so we expect maximum daily temperatures of 18 to 24 degrees, with frequent rain, and sometimes with showers and thunderstorms.

In the second half of the month, very nice weather awaits us, with temperatures of 22 to 28 degrees and much less precipitation than in the first 15 days.

Weather forecast for the next five days

Day min. temp. max. temp.

Monday 5 12 Cloudy

Tuesday 5 14 Chance of a Thunderstorm

Wednesday 7 19 Chance of a Thunderstorm

Thursday 9 20 Chance of a Thunderstorm

Friday 10 19 Rain

* RHMZ data

As for the weather until the end of April, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia (RHMZ) says that it will be moderate to completely cloudy, with occasional light rain, and in the south with short-term showers, while snow will blow in the mountains.

Morning temperatures will be from two to six degrees, the highest daily from nine to 20 degrees. There will be more sun in the last week of April, but then we will be overcast with rain again – they say in RHMZ.

Forecaster Djordje Đurić says that the weather will be quite changeable by the end of April, and that the temperatures are below average.

These temperatures correspond to the values ​​for the month of November, ranging between two and eight degrees. This April is quite changeable, and as it started, so it will end. We have already entered the warmer part of the year, no matter how much it seems that it is not so. Thus, the temperatures will be in accordance with the calendar next week, and the mercury will go up to 20 degrees. Unfortunately, we will soon have a little cold and rain, which will not help those who want to celebrate the May Day holidays in nature. – says Đurić.

Headache and nervousness

Due to the oscillation of time and humidity, the meteorological conditions will be unfavorable for asthmatics and rheumatists, and caution is necessary in heart patients as well. Possible meteoropathic reactions are irritability and headache.

He adds that, although spring does not announce unusual weather during the summer months, according to previous forecasts, there will be no tropical heat.

Of course, it will be warm, as it has been in recent years. Summers are getting warmer, although there will be no extremely high temperatures this year – says Đurić.

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