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Rama also stays away from Kurti in Brussels – Latest News

Rama also stays away from Kurti in Brussels

Bad relations between the two Albanian prime ministers, Edi Rama and Albin Kurti, have long been exposed in public.

The duo have created this cooling of relations due to their attitudes towards Serbia.

While Rama once said that Kurti is incompetent in the diplomatic war of Kosovo against the state of Serbia, Kurti accused him of a different attitude towards the Serbian state, reports Zeri.info.

In November last year, Kurti had said in a press conference that they have not had the same attitudes with the Prime Minister of Albania for a long time, and this because, according to him, Edi Rama does not dare to tell the truth regarding the President of Serbia , Aleksandar Vuçiq.

He had said that Kosovo and Albania can not be united as a nation while there are different attitudes towards Serbia. According to him, these two countries do not have the luxury to differ in attitudes regarding Belgrade.

“We have not had the same position with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama, regarding the President of Serbia for a long time, this is an important point that we strongly distinguish. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister of Albania does not dare to tell the truth about the President of Serbia. For what motives and reasons, I am unable to say. We must unite for the liberation war, for the Kosovo Liberation Army, but also against Serbia, which is against us. We will not be able to unite as a nation, we will not be able to cooperate as states with different attitudes towards Serbia. “Kosovo and Albania do not have not only the luxury but also the right to distinguish as far as Belgrade is concerned”, said Kurti.

Kurti said that these differences come as a result of the attitudes of Prime Minister Rama towards the President of Serbia, where he tries to localize the crimes of Serbia in the figure of Milosevic.

Edi Rama, during the election campaign in Albania, where Kurti participated with 3 candidates, was asked about this issue.

He said he does not want to talk about it, but will speak after the election.

However, the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, has continued not to talk about Kurti, despite the latter wishing him victory in the elections.

Asked by the journalist Blendi Fevziu after the elections how he comments on Kurti’s participation in the elections in Albania, Rama in his style with his index finger up, said that he does not talk about him.

Despite the journalist’s insistence to get an answer, reminding Rama of the statement during the campaign that he does not talk about Kurti until after the elections, the Albanian Prime Minister responded by saying that he would postpone his comment on Kurti a bit.

“I’m not talking about him të. I said that I will not speak until April 26, but I will postpone this time a bit. That much “, Rama said.

And this cold relationship between them was revealed today in Brussels, where the leaders of the Western Balkans were invited to an informal dinner with the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, reports Zeri.info.

Rama and Kurti were also present, from where the Prime Minister of Albania published on his Facebook page some photos from this visit.

But no photos of Kurti appeared in them, except for that “family” photo with all the prime ministers of the Balkan states, along with Borrell and Olivier Varhely, the EU Commissioner for Enlargement.

Rama had selected some other photos from this visit, among them a photo with Miroslav Lajçaku, the EU envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, as well as another photo taken from that “family” photo, but where it was cut so so as not to see Kurti.

Intentionally or unintentionally, this situation remains to be clarified in the future, if one of them agrees to speak. / Voice

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