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Rama: Kosovo’s rejection of vaccines, their choice – Latest News

Rama: Kosovo's rejection of vaccines, their choice

Prime Minister Edi Rama invited to Log. on ABC with Endri Xhafon also commented on the refusal of the Kosovo government for doses of vaccines from Albania.

Rama said that it is their solution to accept or not our help, but we are ready and we have taxed the doses of vaccines for teachers in Kosovo.

Among other things, he stressed that he has no problem with Prime Minister Kurti and that he does not care at all who the leading person is enough so that there is no situation and no slander occurs as happened with a previous prime minister in Kosovo.

He also again criticized the EU for the policy pursued by the European Union for the vaccination campaign.

“Even in the first phase we had to accept only vaccines that were approved by the EMA. What happened to the EU seemed to me illogical and unjustifiable from that moment all this neighborhood in the middle of Europe, that we are a neighborhood in the middle of Europe because they also seem to be somewhere between Greece, Kazakhstan we are surrounded by borders our foreigners like the Balkans are with Europe. And they did not take the trouble to say that this is the situation as we saw that all states became individual and locked inside but hell got from 10 thousand vaccines 60 thousand in total to vaccinate doctors and nurses for people to watch on Television and stick like fish without water. Where we got the first doses we did not get much and I said that these are not the solution to our plight but at least Kosovo, because we did not have to say the whole Balkans, I would like to do Macedonia and Montenegro. Pfizer refuses to get vaccines and send them to other countries, we had problems with Pfizer and did not tell them until the end who they are. I had said many times to the government and counterparts in Kosovo but when the head of the Health Federation said okay and we asked how many they were he confirmed that there are 11 thousand.

Then Albin Kurti sent me a message that they had received a quantity from Covax. Albin Kurti deals with the campaign in Albania, I do not deal with the campaign in Kosovo. We are ready to vaccinate teachers. I do not judge at all the refusal made by the authorities in Kosovo. I respect the Prime Minister, regardless of his name and position, I do not get involved in this enough so as not to slander as a Prime Minister has done in the past “, said Rama.e.su./abcnews.al

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