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Residents complain about the lack of water in Veternik

Residents of a residential complex in Veternik have been forced to buy drinking water for almost three years now, as they cannot use it from the water supply.

“We have a constant shortage of water, this started almost regularly three years ago. Even during the time of the pandemic it has continued, it is continuing even now. That is, we do not have more than we have water “, said a resident of this complex.

He added that they suspected that this lack of water was happening due to the swimming pools owned by the hotel which is located near this complex.

The manager of the hotel, Lavdim Grajqevci, on the other hand, not wanting to speak in front of the cameras, denied that the pool water is related to the supply of the residents of the residential complex. He said the hotel has its source of water from the well.

And for this issue, today the Prishtina Water Supply and the inspectorate came out and closely monitored the problem.

The Director of the Inspection, Adonis Tahiri, confirmed that the hotel pools are not the cause of the water supply problem for the residents of this neighborhood.

The problem, according to Tahiri, lies in the supply network as many apartments have been built in that part and the pipe is old and fails to supply.

Regional Water Supply “Prishtina” offered a solution to residents. The spokesperson of this company, Arjeta Mjeku, emphasized that they are doing this out of good will, because it is not their responsibility.

“We proposed a solution for the residents to be separated from the joint connection of the hotel building and to be connected to the main supply pipe from RWC” Prishtina “, at no additional cost to residents.”

Now the residents of this residential complex have to decide whether to accept the solution offered by the water supply.

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