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Inside I was introduced to sludge and coals

The prince ‘bites’ the other former competitors of “Match”.

A few days ago, Prince left “Match” alone, because Aristela refused to go out as a couple with him from this program.

During tonight’s job, Aristela had a confrontation with Blerim, whom she cast doubt on being gay.

In a post, the Prince after this punt says that inside he got acquainted with the sludge and coals, but does not emphasize to whom he addresses these words.

“Inside, I met sludge and coals.

“Fortunately, I knew the sludge earlier, the coals a little later, so do not ask why I ended up and came out single”, he writes.

While in another post where he labels Blerim he writes “And something that I forgot, when you drink milk you drink a glass and do not buy a cow.

“If I know, I know.” / News

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