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Rooney: I can not imagine Ronaldo transfer to Manchester City, I have great doubts about it – Latest News

Rooney: I can not imagine the transfer of Ronaldo to Manchester City, I have great doubts about that

August 26, 2021 – 21:57

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Wayne Rooney has said that he does not expect Cristiano Ronaldo to be transferred to Manchester City, after all those achievements he made with the Manchester United jersey, writes Zeri.info.

Cristiano Ronaldo will in all likelihood leave Juventus during this summer’s transfer window, as Manchester City are reportedly closest to his transfer.

His former Manchester United teammate Wayne Rooney, who is currently the coach of Derby County, has also spoken about the possible transfer of the Portuguese to “Etihad”.

“I do not know how to evaluate this, to be honest. If you want to know if I think this transfer is possible, then I have great doubts about it.

Cristiano has a great legacy at Manchester United. I do not think he will go anywhere because of the money. I doubt this can happen. I think if he leaves Juventus, he has a better chance of moving to PSG.

On the other hand, this is football, anything can happen. This has happened before. Manchester United legends like Schmeichel, Andy Cole… played for City, Mark Hughes led City.

This has happened. “But in the case of someone at Ronaldo level, I can not imagine such a thing,” said Rooney. /Zeri.info

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