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RTS :: Alvarez virtually drowned, however she claims: I wish to go to the pool

Alvarez fainted and ended up at the bottom of the pooland her life was saved by coach Andrea Fuentes.

“I am healthy and I feel good. I am grateful for all the messages of support and I hope to continue to be with my team. Whether it will be in the water or by the pool, I will decide together with the medical staff, but in any case we have a job which we have to finish, “said Anita Alvarez.

The American described how she felt before she began to lose consciousness.

“In the end, I know that I stopped feeling my hand, but I thought I would do my best to finish. After that, I just remember that I started to sink and thought that I didn’t feel very well. And that’s literally the last thing I remember. “, said the contestant from the USA.

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