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RTS :: Fina modified her title

The organization’s new name will be officially used for the first time during the 2023 World Aquatics Championships in Japan.

“FINA is a French acronym. The word ‘Natation’ represents swimmers. These days, swimmers are just one, important, part of our FINA family. We need a name that reflects the whole FINA family. A name that can be used with pride by our divers, artistic swimmers, open water swimmers and our water polo players.”

“I will always tell you that our athletes must come first, so I would never make a decision this big without consulting our athletes. Their answer was very clear. More than seventy percent of the athletes we spoke to said they would to change the name of FINA.”

“Many of them couldn’t even tell us what the letters in FINA mean,” said the president of “World Aquatics” Hussain Al Musallam.

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