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RTS :: It isn’t recognized what number of buildings should not have a use allow

Caution when buying an apartment – that’s what Divna Vasić says, who bought an apartment from an investor in 2020, on a “turnkey” basis.

“Which meant that the building had to be completed and that it had a use permit. As this did not happen, like the other tenants, I was practically forced to move into the unfinished building after about six months, given that we all had problems making installments for a loan – people on other sides pay rent,” Vasićeva explains.

When asked whether the building in Belgrade’s Zvezdara neighborhood has a use permit, the investor states in a written response:

“On that project, almost all the documentation for technical acceptance and obtaining a building permit has been obtained. The procedure for submitting the request is underway.”

As he says, the building has:

– guarantee within the stipulated period

– confirmation of technical correctness and compliance with all contractual obligations by the investor

– confirmation of the technical control performed for the purposes of putting the car lift into operation, as well as the lift certificate

– certificates of all infrastructure connections such as water supply and sewerage, electricity distribution, central heating, thermal engineering.

Problem if tenants have moved in

During the building inspection, RTS found out that the building does not have an occupancy permit, which every building must have before tenants can move in. The investor was ordered to obtain it within 60 days, and the inspection is still ongoing.

Vesna Rumenić from the Republic Inspection points out that parties who have moved into buildings that do not have a use permit do not have the opportunity to contact the construction inspection.

“As an inspection, we only have the right provided by law to order the investor to obtain a use permit within 30 to 90 days or to prohibit the use of the facilities,” explains Rumenićeva.

Deadline for obtaining a use permit

State Secretary in the Ministry of Construction, Aleksandra Damnjanović, states that in addition to the authority of the construction inspector, the law also prescribes a deadline in which every investor is required to obtain a use permit.

“That term is five years and exceptionally, at the request of the investor, with the fulfillment of some other conditions required by the law, it can be extended for an additional two years. After the expiry of that term, the authority that issued the building permit has the authority to cancel that permit,” points out Aleksandra Damnjanović. .

However, there are more and more investors, especially in the capital, who, as soon as they complete the building, sell the apartments without obtaining a use permit. The expert public claims that it is possible to stand in the way of unscrupulous investors.

“In the law, we have very well formulated, the only thing is that they are difficult to implement in practice. Among other things, because people in certain positions in urban planning institutions cannot do their jobs for various reasons. This means that the inspection does not come to the place when it should or does not. in a situation to bear some serious punishment”, assesses Eva Vaništa Lazarevićeva, professor of the Faculty of Architecture.

Unscrupulous builders could be stopped by the introduction of a register of all buildings with a use permit and increased control of institutions that, quite often, provide infrastructure connections in buildings without a use permit.

In this way, the price of a square meter of an apartment would fall, and buyers would have security when buying real estate.

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