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A warrant is issued for a wonderful of two,500 dinars, not each offense will trigger an issue on the border

The President of the Misdemeanor Court, Olivera Ristanović, in a guest appearance in the Belgrade Chronicle, said that during the summer, misdemeanor proceedings were extremely important where citizens did not pay their fines within the deadline and were therefore ordered not to leave the country or enter it.

“If you have an unpaid fine, it does not mean that you will be prevented from leaving the Republic of Serbia. You cannot leave the Republic of Serbia only if you have been issued a general order based on that fine, which will be enforced by the police station in whose territory you reside. This means that a warrant has been issued for you,” explains judge Ristanović.

He points out that the amount of the fine does not affect whether a warrant will be issued or not.

“It can be a fine of 2,500 or 100,000 dinars,” says the judge.

He states that this also applies to fines for parking, traffic fines, fines for unpaid tax, but also to fines from criminal proceedings.

“It is absolutely irrelevant what debt you owe to a court, if you have not paid that debt within the time limit, if you have not paid the misdemeanor order within eight days from the day it was issued to you, half of the amount will be imposed on you by the court which is left will be replaced by a prison sentence, or community service, or it will be enforced, and if the court can’t come for you, then a general order will be issued to issue a warrant,” says the judge.

Can money replace community service?

The judge explained that in misdemeanor proceedings, the main penalty, in addition to a fine and prison sentence, can be community service – not shorter than 20 hours, nor longer than 360 hours.

“It must rest on voluntariness, but no compensation can be paid for it. You perform work during the day or on weekends, for a certain number of hours in social enterprises, hospitals, schools, centers of culture – where that work can be useful to the entire social community “, says judge Ristanović.

Whether community service is the main or alternative sanction depends on whether it can be exchanged for a fine.

“You can pay the debt if it’s an alternative sanction, but if it’s the main punishment, you can’t pay the fine. Eight hours of community service is changed to one day in prison,” says the judge.

Otherwise, all fines in misdemeanor proceedings become statute-barred within two years from the date of the final decision by which the fine was pronounced.

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