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Orchestra of Bojan Krstić from Vladičina Han, winner of the 61st Dragačevski Sabor

After last night’s exceptional concerts by the RTS Big Band, trumpet master Dejan Lazarevic and the champion of Guca, Ekrem Mamutovic, the final day of the Assembly in Guca was spent in anticipation of who will win the prestigious assembly awards.

Guca does not sleep for three days. Guests enjoy all their senses, the sounds of the trumpet, the colorful Serbian tradition and culture in the rich program on the parliament stages, and the tastes of the Serbian specialties prepared by the restaurateurs here.

This year’s show of trumpet playing and folk creativity gathered a large number of visitors, and the organizers are happy that the Sabor is returning to its originality and popularity as it once had, as the largest cultural and artistic tourist event in Serbia.

An indispensable part of the parliamentary program is the presentation of the Dragačevo wedding from the 19th century, how the bride used to be picked up and what are the old wedding customs. The newlyweds on horses are part of a large procession, in which all participants in the program and trumpet orchestras parade through the streets of Guča. And that is part of the atmosphere that has been attracting guests to the town of Truba for more than six decades.

For three days, the sounds of trumpets have been echoing in Guča. In the musicians’ repertoire, from original songs to covers of domestic and international hits. Regardless of whether they play Moravac, Čoček or some traditional song, the guests immediately catch the rhythm.

“People like Zlatibor, ask Tara, Sa Ovčar and Kablar, Stani, stani Ibar vodo, songs that were recorded by trumpeters.” We try to nurture that original music, so we are oriented towards that duo, so to speak,” says Dragan Pavlović, a trumpet player from Guča.

Due to such an atmosphere, guests from Spain, Germany, Poland, Portugal and surrounding countries arrived in Guča again this year. Music connects them and they can communicate easily, no matter what language they speak. And the Assembly is an opportunity for visitors to get to know the entire Dragačevo region.

“It is certainly the driving force behind the development of tourism in our municipality, something that makes our municipality recognizable.” The Dragačevski sabor trumpeters is literally a national brand. I think that it is important in general for the cultural development of the whole of Serbia, as a manifestation because it is a unique manifestation in this area, even in the Balkans, when it comes to this kind of music,” emphasizes Marijana Luković from the Tourism Organization of Dragačevo.

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