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RTS :: Laporta took workplace in Barcelona: Leo, you must keep

The first task of the new president of Barcelona will be to keep Leo Messi in the team, and at one point, during his official inauguration, Laporta almost cried, addressing “the best football player in history”.

“We will try to keep the Messiah. Leo, I’m sorry … You have to stay. I love you and you know it. Everyone in Barcelona loves you,” Laporta addressed the audience at the ceremony at the “Camp Nou” quite emotionally, including an Argentine and his cousins.

Laporta emphasized that coach Ronald Kuman has the full support of the new management.

The new president pointed out that the financial situation is bad, but not frightening, as well as that the priority of the club is the famous La Masia school, since Barcelona wants to continue raising footballers.

Laporta was already president of Barcelona from 2003-2020. year, and in that period the club recorded fantastic results, including six Spanish championship titles.

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