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RTS :: The primary three acts for the three Rackovic brothers

“Our happiness is multiplied by the number three and these are our three sons, who were born as triplets,” he said at promotion of Serbian Army officers proud father Rackovic.

He stated that the three brothers decided for this call, that they graduated from the Military High School, then the Military Academy, and that they will become their own people from Monday.

The father said that they do not have a tradition of wearing uniforms in the family, but that they had a tradition of coming to similar promotions.

“We had a family tradition of coming to promotions, we visited air rallies, which were popular at the time, and that is where their love was born,” said Racković.

He says that they decided to deal with this vocation in the sixth grade of primary school, and then their research lasted, and the family became aware of their decision only two or three months after enrolling in the Military High School.

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