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RWC “Prishtina” launches field inspection for drinking water abusers – Latest News

RWC “Prishtina” starts the field inspection for the abusers of drinking water

During this week RWC “Prishtina” will start with intensive field inspection in the entire service area, Prishtina, Fushë-Kosovë, Drenas, Shtime, Lipjan, Podujevë, Graçanicë and Obiliq.

Inspectors throughout the service area will be on daily action, in which case they will inspect the misuse of drinking water from house to house.

“In order to stop this negative phenomenon and take measures according to the law, for all those who continue to abuse drinking water. This phenomenon complicates the water supply during the following months and years, therefore we ask all consumers to report us for any abusers they encounter and any information on their part will be anonymous “, it is said in the announcement from RWC” Prishtina “.

They have announced penalties under the law for all abusers of drinking water. / Voice

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