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RWC “Prishtina” starts inspections for illegal connection and network interventions

Regional Water Company RWC “Prishtina” has announced that on-site inspection has begun for illegal connection, valve manipulations and other network interventions.

This week the inspections will take place in Prishtina, Fushë Kosovë, Drenas, Shtime, Lipjan, Podujevë, Graçanicë and Obiliq.

Field inspection begins for illegal connections, valve manipulations and other network interventions, penalties follow

“During this week, we are starting with intensive field inspection in the entire service area, Prishtina, Fushë Kosovë, Drenas, Shtime, Lipjan, Podujevë, Graçanicë and Obiliq. Inspectors throughout the service area will be on daily duty, in which case they will check from door to door the abusers of drinking water (illegal connections, valve manipulations and other forms of unauthorized interference), in order to stop of this negative phenomenon and taking measures according to the Law, for all those who continue to abuse drinking water. This phenomenon complicates the water supply during the following months and years, therefore we ask all consumers to inform us about any abusers they encounter and any information on their part will be anonymous “, it is said in the announcement of RWC” Prishtina “.

RWC “Prishtina” has also announced how the consequences of this phenomenon are categorized:

Illegal connections can be categorized as follows:

Meter bypass: The customer has an alternative pipe that receives water in front of the meter.

Illegal connection: The customer is not a customer of the water supply system but is connected to the water supply or sewerage network.

Illegal Reconnection: The customer reconnects to the network after being disconnected for non-payment.

Meter Return: The customer installs the meter in reverse order so that it counts down to the desired reading.

Meter Interference: The consumer intentionally manipulates the meter in order to affect its efficiency or functionality.

Regulation No. 10/2019 on minimum standards of water services in Kosovo, reads as follows:

Article 21: Termination of unauthorized connection to services

1. Interferences, unauthorized connections ie. not approved by the service provider and damage to water supply and sewerage systems constitute a criminal offense provided in Article 30, paragraph 2 of Law No. 05 / L-042 on Regulation of Water Services.

2. Any unauthorized connection to the water supply and / or sewerage network must be terminated within five (5) working days from the date of detection, unless the unauthorized person signs the service contract with the service provider and pays all charges billed by the service provider, in accordance with the rules and fees issued by the Authority.

Also, according to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo (Code No. 06 / L-074), Article 314 provides that in cases of theft of water services (which here are classified as illegal connections) can be punished by a fine or imprisonment of up to 3 years .

Dear customers, be careful, do not abuse drinking water, because you will be punished!

Love water like life!

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