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SBASHK welcomes return of students to schools, reiterates request for vaccination of teachers – Latest News

SBASHK welcomes the return of students to schools, reiterates the request for vaccination of teachers

The United Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture (SBAShK) has welcomed the news that pre-university and high school students will return to school on Monday.

SBAShK President Rrahman Jasharaj said that he is happy with the fact that students will return to schools from April 19, adding that teachers prefer teaching in schools as well as for the benefit of students.

“We have welcomed this news because even from the beginning, Kosovo teachers have stated that they much prefer teaching in educational institutions due to the fact that both parents and citizens of Kosovo have expressed that teaching in schools is easier to do even the MES statistics show that a large number of them could not be connected and not through their own fault, but in the absence of technological conditions and equipment ”.

“… The moment of returning to schools is another proof of the commitment of education workers but I believe that both institutions and the state should respond in the same way and the state of Kosovo should do its best to find international friends to ensure as much more vaccines so that our demand because in this way we will be safer ”.

Jasharaj further said that all preparations have been made in school facilities, starting with disinfection.

“We have contact with our colleagues in schools and they said that during the spring break an additional commitment was made, school facilities were disinfected, working conditions are optimal, and I believe that with the care that education workers will have, I wish that students to protect themselves ”.

He also spoke about the meeting he had last week with the Minister of Health Arben Vitia, where he said that they have repeated the request to give priority to the vaccination of teachers, reports EO.

“Last week we had Minister Vitia and we talked and we repeated that teachers should be a priority in vaccination and once the stage for vaccination of the elderly is completed, it is expected that another contingent will be vaccinated and will do to give priority to education workers, maybe not all but to make a selection ”.

The Minister of Education, Science and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci has announced that from Monday, April 19, at all levels of pre-university education, teaching will continue with physical participation in schools.

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