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Sentenced to 14 years in prison and fined 4 thousand euros extradited from Italy for robbery in 2013 with death consequences – Latest News

Sentenced to 14 years in prison and a fine of 4 thousand euros extradited from Italy for the 2013 robbery with death consequences

The accused, Blerim Nokaj, was sentenced to 14 years in prison and a fine of 4 thousand euros after he was found guilty of robbing in 2013 in the sports betting shop “Eurolloto” in Gjakova, where as a result one person had died.

According to the verdict announced by the presiding judge, Judge Shaqir Zika, the accused must pay the fine within 30 days from the day the verdict becomes final.

In case the accused does not want or can not pay the fine, it will be replaced by a sentence of imprisonment of 200 days.

The time spent in detention on remand will also be counted for the accused in prison. Whereas, the injured party was instructed in a civil dispute for the realization of compensation.

Judge Zika said that after administering all the evidence, they came to the conclusion that in the actions of the accused are formed all the elements of the criminal offense with which he is charged.

Nokaj was extradited to Kosovo from Italy in August 2020. In Italy he was reportedly falsely presented as a French citizen.

Otherwise, in this case, Fuat Gjevukaj was also accused of robbery in co-perpetration, but against him the Prosecution in Gjakova had re-qualified the criminal offense in “assistance in committing the criminal offense of robbery” and had entered into an agreement on admission with the same of guilt.

This plea agreement was approved by the Basic Court in Gjakova, which imposed a sentence of 6 years and 6 months imprisonment on the accused Gjevukaj.

According to the unchanged indictment of the Basic Prosecution in Gjakova, Blerim Nokaj and Fuat Gjevukaj were charged with the criminal offense of “robbery” under Article 329, paragraph 5 in conjunction with paragraph 3.1 and Article 31 of the CCRK. This offense is punishable by a fine and imprisonment of at least 10 years or life imprisonment.

According to the indictment, on June 9, 2013, around 12:10, in the street “Fehmi Agani” in Gjakova, exactly in the sports betting “Eurolloto”, owned by Nijazi Beqiri, with the use of force to attack the life of the injured party Flamur Ponosheci, embezzle money in the amount of 2 thousand euros.

According to the indictment, the robbery took place in such a way that the accused went to play in the gambling machine and with a strong and dangerous tool hit the victim on the head and then the two attacked with strong tools, hitting him several times in the head, where the injured party fell and lost consciousness and from the pockets of his pants took the money and left the scene, while the injured party died on June 28, 2013. / Oath of Justice

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