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Serbia Adopts Modifications to Movie and TV Incentives Programme

The change is intended to facilitate and accelerate the functioning of the incentive program of the Film Center Serbia, which is operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

The budget planned for these activities for 2021 amounts to around EUR 6 million / RSD 700 million and remains at the level of previous years. The cash discount level also remains the same. The program, which started in April 2016, offers a discount of 25% on qualified Serbian expenses for feature films, television series, animated films, documentaries and visual effects, 20% for television advertising and 30% on qualified Serbian expenses for feature films with a budget of at least EUR 5 million. Applications can still be made and submitted throughout the year, and the Film Center Serbia remains the administrator of the program.

The general program overview can be found on the website of the Serbian Film Commission: https://www.filminserbia.com/incentives/.

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