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Serbia information 459.1 bln dinars (3.9 bln euro) finances deficit in 2020

BELGRADE, Serbia, February 5 (SeeNews) – Serbia’s budget in 2020 showed a deficit of 459.1 billion dinars (4.7 billion US dollars / 3.9 billion euros), compared with a surplus of 12.8 billion Dinars last year, as official figures show.

The data published on the Ministry of Finance’s website amounted to RSD 351.1 billion compared to a primary budget surplus of RSD 119.6 billion in 2019.

Total household income decreased by a real 1.4% to RSD 1.257 trillion during the reporting period, while expenditure increased by 36.1% to RSD 1.717 trillion.

Tax revenue decreased by a real 0.5% to RSD 1.099 trillion, tax-free revenue decreased by 5.5% to RSD 149.8 billion and subsidies decreased from RSD 12.3 billion to RSD 8.6 billion.

On the expenditure side, current expenditure rose by a real 38.8% to 1.47 billion dinars, while capital expenditure rose from 184.2 billion dinars in 2019 to 195.9 billion dinars.

In December 2020 alone, Serbia reported a budget deficit of 84.3 billion dinars, based on income of 118 billion dinars and expenses of 202.3 billion dinars. The primary deficit was 73 billion dinars.

(1 euro = 117,676 dinars)

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