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Sewage floods the village of Livoç i Ulët

Residents of this village Livoç i Ulët say that it has been three weeks that the residents of the village are flooding the sewage.

The sewerage that is released by the company “Kidsworld” without the point of responsibility and conscience towards the inhabitants of this area.

All municipal bodies have been notified about this case and some of them have even visited the scene, surprisingly they have turned out to be incompetent and in some cases the business has been defended that it is not causing this problem.

Residents have complained that these feces have caused great damage to you by drinking water, damage to their yards, bad smells that are directly endangering their health, we are in trouble as there is a possibility that the municipality may not find a solution, when it has the obligation to make solutions to the citizens in need who have caused them trouble, it is said in the reaction of the residents.

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