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Shemi of the group “ILIRËT”, the only singer from Kosovo who will participate in the Beer Festival in Korça – Latest News

Shemi of the group

The Beer Festival in Korça, organized by the Municipality of Korça, will be held on August 18-22, where in addition to Albanian names, there will also be foreign ones.

Goran Bregovic was the name that sparked debate in the public, where the artists themselves reacted for this event to be boycotted by the Albanian public.

In a statement for the Online Newspaper “Reporteri.net”, the Deputy Mayor of Korça, Benila Themeli initially spoke about the artists who withdrew from participating.

“Artists from Kosovo have withdrawn from their participation. We had Dafina Zeqiri, Capital T, the group “NA”, but they withdrew. Even Dren Abazi, but he for his personal reasons “, declared the deputy mayor of Korça.

Further, she informed that only the singer Shemsi Krasniqi from the group “Ilirët”, known as Shemi, is the only one from Kosovo who will perform in front of the public in Korça.

We have Shemi from “Ilirët”, as he is the only one from Kosovo who will perform at the Beer Festival, it means that we only had these names from Kosovo, but only Shemi has accepted. “While there will be a band from Brazil, a Greek and other Albanian names”, concluded Themeli.

The sale of tickets for this event has already started, the price of which is 8 euros.

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