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DOCTOR KON: The Labda pressure might out of the blue seem, 7 folks from a delta pressure turned contaminated


As he said, the question is whether the strain that was registered in December 2020 in South America will be more contagious, because it also depends on the country.

“Lambda might appear suddenly and be somewhat resistant to vaccines, but not completely because some efficacy of the vaccine must exist. Even 30 percent protection is some protection and is a great benefit,” says Dr. Conn, adding that he has heard that Japanese research shows that lambda has three mutations in spike protein and is more contagious and resistant to antibodies, but that time will tell if that is really the case.

“I’m waiting for the United States to do research and publish about it. Every new significant variant is the subject of research, and the other story is whether the vaccine should be modified. For now, the dominant delta strain is a far more contagious variant because seven of them become infected. , added a member of the Crisis Staff.

Asked if the coronavirus will become something like the flu that we will be able to treat seasonally and will not leave serious consequences, Dr. Kon says:

“It will definitely happen. It can be expected relatively soon, as early as next year. The virus will have a chance to be maintained, because of those who are not vaccinated, but it will become something else. Now we have missed the opportunity to get more vaccinated we are preparing for the autumn because it is necessary to have a higher collective immunity in one section. This is how natural immunity is created “.

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