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There was a hiss, then a increase! The explosion in a restaurant in New Belgrade was inevitable! Cooks with damaged arms!

30. 12. 2021.

There was a hiss, then a boom! The explosion in a restaurant in New Belgrade was inevitable! Chefs with broken arms!

Tonight, the New Belgrade restaurant “Košnica” burned to the ground after a gas bottle exploded in the building!


Several restaurant workers were injured, and as it is unofficially known, two chefs were taken to the Emergency Center and their arms were broken.

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Video: Private archive

– They heard something hissing and started running away. They reached the door when the explosion was heard – says our source Informer from the scene. Unofficially, one of the chefs also had a broken thigh muscle, and there is a waiter in the Emergency Center.

Photo: Instagram.com/moj_beo_grad

Firefighters managed to localize the fire around 10:40 p.m.

Firefighters received the call at 9.49 pm, and two vehicles from Zemun with 8 firefighters were sent to the scene, as well as two vehicles with 9 firefighters from Voždovac.

The rapid intervention of firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to other nearby facilities.



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