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Shortly after giving birth to the girl, Valdrin Sahiti’s wife loses the dear man

Just a few days ago in the United States of America, Valdrin Sahiti’s wife, Edita gave birth to the second girl whom the couple decided to name Paris.

While Edita is still in the first days after the birth of her daughter, a tragedy has befallen her family, her father has suddenly passed away.

The news was confirmed through posts on social networks by Edita and Valdrini.

“Oh bro dad with your departure my half also went, forever in my heart bab” – said Edita with a photo of the late father and daughter Bella.

A public reaction was made by the designer Sahiti, who, among other things, said:

“Edita, for example, you smile, the beacon of life goes out forever, Bella will forever miss her favorite grandfather and Paris will not have the luck to hold her even if only once in her arms she leaves us for a world of good with beautiful memories and impressions ”.

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