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Women lead Uran Ismaili’s list for the Pristina Assembly

The candidate for mayor of Prishtina, Uran Ismaili, has published today the list of candidates for the Municipal Assembly.

What stands out immediately in this list are numbers 1 and 2, the leadership positions in which two women stand.

Unlike other parties, where the leaders of the lists are the candidates for mayor, the PDK list is led by a woman, a professional, a figure who has given a lot to Pristina.

She is the architect, MP, artist, Eliza Hoxha. Immediately after Eliza is ranked the director of the Institute of Pathology at UCCK, Rina Limani. This list also includes some well-known names of the city, activism, sports, culture and politics which will aim to enrich the final composition of the Municipal Assembly of Prishtina.

This is the complete list:

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