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Shpend Ahmeti demands political compromise and crisis avoidance – Latest News

Shpend Ahmeti demands political compromise and avoidance of the crisis

The mayor of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti, has said that the electoral reform cannot be done overnight.

He says that provoking the elections in a situation of economic crisis and pandemic is “unprecedented ignorance”.

Ahmeti’s full post:

The election law has dozens of problems that need to be addressed in deep reform, including diaspora voting in consulates and embassies. Constitutional reform must also be done with the problems that accompany us in some elections.

But if you believe that you will be in government for 4 years, what is the point of amending the Election Law overnight. Even if he believes that reform should be done for local elections (for the diaspora to vote for assembly and mayor) there is still time.

On the other hand, provoking elections in situations of deep economic crisis and the time when the covid marks 1000 cases per day caused by the previous campaign is unprecedented.

We expected strong stability from the mandate won in the elections. Asking even more at the expense of the citizens is unfair. Sit down and compromise. Otherwise we have tremendous affinity to create crises out of nowhere.

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