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Simple Aerial Integrates infiniDome GPSdome Expertise to Guarantee Steady UAS Operations in GPS-Denied Environments

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– GPS signal protection is of crucial importance for a secure BVLOS operation in retail and defense –

BROOKLYN, NY & CAESAREA, Israel – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Easy Aerial, a leading provider of autonomous drone-based surveillance solutions for commercial, government and defense applications, announced today that it has integrated the infiniDome GPSdome solution for GNSS / GPS signal protection into its range of military grade autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles.

GPSdome integrates with Easy Aerial’s Smart Aerial Monitoring System (SAMS) GNSS receivers and uses a unique interference filter system that combines patterns from two omnidirectional antennas. GPSdome analyzes the interference signal in real time and feeds its properties into infiniDome’s proprietary algorithm in order to filter and reject attacking RF interference so that the UAS continues to rely on GPS signals during a jamming attack. If an interference signal is detected, the GPSdome notifies the operator of a possible signal interference.

Easy Aerial selected GPSdome for its light weight, small form factor, low power consumption, and proven ability to detect, alert, and block interference. InfiniDome’s technology is the only dual-use GPS anti-jamming solution on the market and is perfect for Easy Aerial’s global security and defense customers who need secure BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) and other critical operations in environments without GPS.

“We chose GPSdome because it was a proven solution that was a perfect fit for the various missions our customers routinely fly in some of the most inhospitable and hostile environments in the world,” said Ido Gur, Co-Founder and CEO of Easy Aerial. “While our systems are equipped with several redundancies on board, GPS signals for maintaining position, navigation and timing accuracy are of crucial importance to ensure uninterrupted operation.”

“GPSdome offers anti-jamming technology that is second to none in terms of size, weight, performance and cost benefits,” said Omer Sharar, CEO of infiniDome. “GPSdome is the only commercial and military dual-use GPS anti-jamming protection in the industry. GPSdome not only detects the attack, but also protects the signals received from being overloaded by jammers. These attacks can have drastic effects, including loss of property, services and potential life risk. ”

About Easy Aerial

Easy Aerial is a leading provider of autonomous, drone-based surveillance solutions for commercial, government and military applications. Easy Aerial was designed and manufactured in the USA. Easy Aerial’s free-flying and connected drone-in-a-box systems are completely autonomous, modular, portable, robust and weatherproof. They are used around the world for mission-critical applications such as perimeter and border security, event monitoring, emergency response and industrial inspection. Easy Aerial is headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, and regional offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Belgrade, Serbia. Visit: www.easyaerial.com.

About infiniDome, Ltd.

infiniDome offers front-end cyber solutions that protect wireless communication from interference and spoofing attacks. InfiniDome’s products protect against attacks from GPS-based systems, which are critical for autonomous vehicles, drones, connected fleets, critical infrastructures and defense / security. InfiniDome products have proven themselves in the field and are sold to customers worldwide. Contact or visit: www.infinidome.com.

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