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Slovenia bans sale of fuel to unvaccinated – Ljubljana protests erupt – Latest News

Slovenia bans sale of fuel to unvaccinated - protests erupt in LjubljanaPhoto: N1

September 15, 2021 – 23:52

Slovenian opponents of measures to fight the coronavirus tonight gathered in Republic Square in Ljubljana. They criticized the government, chanting calls for his resignation. Two hours later, they lit torches and started throwing them at the Slovenian Parliament, N1 Slovenia reported.

Several police officers were injured in the riots and helicopters were seen flying over the city. The protests, in which the police estimated that more than 8,000 people participated, calmed down around 22:30, Zeri.info reports.

The protesters, who gathered today in Republic Square in Ljubljana, had two demands: change of measures to fight Covid-19 in recommendations and early elections.

Prior to the protest, organizers called for a peaceful rally, but the incident occurred as soon as an unknown person threw a bottle at one of the police officers guarding the rally. The crowd also approached the entrance to the Parliament building. The police therefore increased their presence before the National Assembly.

“When we play football, ‘Viola’ and ‘Green Dragons’ are on opposite sides, but when it comes to Slovenia, they are together,” said one protester, confirming that the two largest groups of fans in the country are attend the rally.

Turna also questioned all the scientific findings and indisputable facts about the coronavirus and vaccines.

As the crowd approached Parliament and threw torches, police responded with tear gas and dispersed them. Then they used water balls several times. Many protesters left, while torches and tear gas continued to fly. Protesters continued to throw stones at a parked police car.

Some police vehicles, shops, cars were broken into, containers burned.

Unvaccinated Slovenes were banned from buying fuel

The first day of application of stricter anti-epidemic measures in Slovenia was marked by dissatisfaction among drivers who could not refuel their vehicles without a confirmation of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Most fuel companies are strictly adhering to the SVT (sick, vaccinated, tested) status rules that the government approved on Saturday, meaning that the fuel pump is only activated when the driver certifies with documents that he has exceeded Covid-19, that he has been vaccinated or has a negative test not older than 48 hours.

We remind you that the government in Slovenia has introduced the obligation of COVID certificates for all people – at work, during shopping, on public transport and in a number of other daily activities. The government announced that the possibility of imposing even stricter measures is not ruled out.

Yesterday, after 6645 PCR tests, 1364 people tested positive. 76 people are being treated in intensive care, and six patients with Covid-19 have died.

According to the Slovenian National Institute of Public Health, there are currently 11,238 active cases of infection in the country.

Although interest in vaccination is growing, sufficient vaccination coverage has not yet been achieved. Currently, 50 percent of the population has been vaccinated with a single dose, and 45 percent or 947,759 people have been completely immunized. / Voice

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