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MoJ has so far spent 3.5 million euros on Specials defendants – Latest News

The MoJ has so far spent 3.5m euros on Specials defendants

The Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu spoke about the expenses covered by the ministry she leads, for the protection of the KLA leaders who are in The Hague.

Haxhiu in T7 said that up to 3.5 million euros have been spent so far for this category.

“Md is carrying out the work in relation to the competencies given to us by the assembly. To me every cent of citizens should be public It makes no sense for citizens’ taxes to be kept confidential because it raises the suspicion that something is being misused. So far there are 3.5 million that have been spent on this category. In this regard, the MD has performed every task it has “, said Haxhiu.

She further said that the problem is not where this court is physically, but the problem according to her lies in the mandate of the Special Court./Express/

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