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“Some Kosovars have left Serbs alive in vain”, Vesa Luma reacts shocked after the fan message

The Beer Festival organized in Korça will return this year from August 18-22.

Among the participants, it is noticeable that the Serbian singer Goran Bregovic will also be invited.

This news was confirmed by the festival organizers themselves, who consider Bregovic as a special guest of the final night.

This news was not well received by Kosovo Albanians, who consider Goran Bregovic as one of the artists who inspired the massacres of Serbs against Kosovo.

Bregovic was the inspiration and idol of the Serbian army during the war in Kosovo, especially with the song “Kal.ashnikov”.

This news has been reported in the Kosovo media and Vesa Luma has also reacted in relation to it.

Not believing this news, she writes in a post: “I am convinced that it is a misinformation”.

But then she received a message from a “fan” from Albania that shocked her.

The person in question writes that Kosovo Albanians should forget the war and already make peace with Serbs.

But what has revived the artist the most is that fans say that Serbs should have killed more Kosovo Albanians.

“Why not be invited, you Kosovars are left with paranoia, after the war comes peace.

“Even though the war is over, you are boiling with blood for hatred, because some Kosovars I have known have left the Serbs alive in vain”, writes the fans.

Vesa has shared this message with everyone and writes on the side: “How is it possible that hundreds of messages like this come to me… is it possible? I am totally in shock… “.

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