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How does China manage the pandemic? In just a few cases it tests and isolates millions of citizens – Latest News

How does China manage the pandemic?  In just a few cases, it tests and isolates millions of citizens

August 04, 2021 – 21:40

China is suffering the consequences of the delta variant in the coronavirus pandemic. On the last day it reported 96 new cases of Covid-19, with 71 of them being broadcast locally, the highest figure since January and 25 coming from abroad.

The authorities are managing this situation with the same method as in the past, which has proved effective. China’s various provinces and cities have been isolated by disrupting railways and flights as millions of citizens are being tested for Covid-19. After Wuhan, a similar situation is being experienced by the gambling center in Macau.

“It’s good and normal. Everyone needs to be tested. Once everyone gets the results we will feel safer. “The government puts measures in place and reacts very quickly, so we will not have problems,” said a resident.

Chinese authorities confirmed that this is due to the Delta variant and gave some advice to citizens.

“We need to be vigilant about protecting our health by wearing masks, maintaining personal hygiene, avoiding congestion and getting vaccinated,” said Mi Feng, the national health commission. For the worst Covid-19 outbreak in a month, Chinese authorities are sanctifying students who did not take the vaccination campaign seriously. The Ministry of Education asked local authorities to implement an immunization program for school and university attendees. The exact number of people vaccinated in China is unknown, but the government says it has administered 1.6 billion doses.

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