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Spahiu: Kosovo loses politically by not being part of the “Open Balkans” – Latest News

Spahiu: Kosovo loses politically by not being part of the

Political analyst Nexhmedin Spahiu said that both Serbia and Albania benefit from the agreement signed in Skopje.

“Albania benefits a number of Serbian tourists because it has no access to the coast. Then the job market that can be in both directions. Serbia realizes regional hegemony, what it has fought for since its inception. What he has done is of interest to Albania. “He did it behind the wings of Kosovo and to the detriment of Kosovo, on the eve of the final bargain for the recognition of Kosovo by Serbia”, said Spahiu.

“Serbia has strengthened its international position by forming an alliance with two of Kosovo’s neighbors.”

Spahiu in the Special Edition of Klan Kosova said that Kosovo has lost politically by not being part of this regional initiative.

“Kosovo is unprepared to enter such a dance. Politically it has lost a lot and become more isolated. “The alliance with neighbors, of which it is not a part, sounds very heavy for any investor, foreign policymaker…”.

“Kosovo should have imposed its interest or prevented this agreement that happened in Skopje from happening. “If he did not have the power to stop it, he should have been part of it.”

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