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Successive resignations in AAK, declares Haradinaj – Latest News

Successive resignations in AAK, declares Haradinaj Photo: Sound / illustration

The leader of AAK, Ramush Haradinaj, has declared after the resignations that are happening in this party.

He argues that these resignations are coming as these members can not be fully committed to the party and are being fired, reports Zeri.info.

“The Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, during this time, has its main focus and energies oriented for the next municipal elections. Dozens of professionals from all fields, in addition to expertise, also showing willingness to work, will compete in these municipal elections. The internal organization of the Alliance is based on staff who are willing and willing to engage. Those who for various reasons are not being fully committed are being relieved of their party responsibilities. “We are grateful and grateful to them for their contribution, even if only for one day, in the realization of common goals”, it is said in Haradinaj’s statement.

He emphasizes that the vacancies will be occupied by the new generations.

“The time in which we are acting is a time of great challenges and requires will, dedication and courage for work. I am extremely happy that a whole generation of young people is joining the Alliance, ready to face the challenges of political competition at all levels. This race will give the first result in the municipal elections, will continue with the regular internal elections in the party, in the spring of next year, as well as in the next parliamentary elections. Wishing success to the thousands of Alliance members who are engaged in this process, I assure them that my support will be for anyone who expresses a willingness to work to further strengthen our joint organization. “The Alliance was and will remain a party of democratic values, in the service of the homeland and the citizen”, he concludes.

We recall that the last to resign from this party is the vice president of AAK, also a member of the Presidency, Magbule Shkodra. / Voice

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