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Summer season is again – KosovaPress

With the arrival of spring there is also a change of clock, where the scorpions move 60 minutes forward. On the night between Saturday and Sunday, March 28, summer time will return.

The change will be made at 02:00, when the scorpions will cross directly at 03:00. In exchange for one hour less sleep we will have one hour more light.

In this way, summer time returns, which will “gift” us with more light in the evening and more hours of sunshine during the day. In the spring, all of Europe switches to daylight saving time to optimize the use of sunlight and consequently consumes less electricity.

Daylight saving time will continue until October 31, when the sundial will return.

The European Parliament has approved the proposal to abolish daylight saving time starting this year, but so far nothing has been decided.

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